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According to Zillow my past 2 years

  According to Zillow I sold 32 properties and closed 3,457,099 worth of sales in the past 2 years. I have a few new properties coming online in the next couple of weeks but I need more… My question is “Who do you know wants to sell or buy a house?”

My 2014 Production numbers so far

Shorewest from January to March 31stQuincy 155000 Puetz 62900 Waukesha 101000 orchard 90000 Ohio 168900 prospect 300000 Total 877,800… RE/MAX Lakeside-Capitol 1311603 1555 S 170th St 3/31/2014 Single-Family 269,500 1358156 2739 S Clement Ave 2739A 5/22/2014 Two-Family 168,000 1353213 6521 W Howard AVE 6/10/2014 Single-Family 120,000 1358819 1804 Maple St 6/27/2014 Single-Family 140,000 1363087 4602 […]

Where home prices are Heading?

Where Prices are Headed over the Next 5 Years by The KCM Crew     on November 12, 2013     in For Agents Today, many real estate conversations center on housing prices and where they may be headed. That is why we like the Home Price Expectation Survey. Every quarter, Pulsenomics surveys a nationwide panel of over one […]

Barbara Corcoran, ‘Shark Tank’ star, says rejection helped –

Barbara Corcoran, ‘Shark Tank’ star, says rejection helped  –   Straight D’s in high school, 20 jobs before she was 23, and a $1,000 loan from a boyfriend — who would have thought that the woman with this resume would become one of the most successful real estate entrepreneurs in the world? At the California […]

Shopping for a mortgage? Some lenders offer closing-cost credits

WASHINGTON — The government shutdown and the debt limit have dominated the headlines, but a behind-the-scenes fight over federal mortgage policy has been brewing and it could affect your choices the next time you apply for a home loan. The issue concerns differing rules for different types of mortgage sources. Some mortgage brokerage firms have […]

Tie Up Loose Ends Before You Move

Boxes aren’t the only things that are overlooked during a move. All too often, people forget about obvious tasks such as updating insurance policies and clearing out a safe-deposit box. Here’s a checklist of loose ends you’ll need to tie up before you turn in the house keys:                                                                                                                                                   Chip Wass Change Your Address. […]

How soon should a renter in wisconsin look for a house

Most landlords in Wisconsin use the Lease from Wisconsin Legal blank.    It is written in the lease that the tenant agrees to give a 60 day notice upon vacating.   So at the 60 day mark most landlords want you to either renew or pay a penalty rent if you hold over on your lease.  (in Wisconsin that […]