Real Estate in Greater Milwaukee Area

Never mind, we know a Realtor he will list it.

I hear that alot.  Being in banking for 10 years i dealt with alot of Realtors and to be honest I asked myself how do they ever sale a home?  We know the person , a friend of a friend or a they do it part time etc.   The common perception is that we REALTORS are all the same.  Back when i had to call the “Realtor” in a banking transaction they would NEVER answer their phone and would SELDOM return phone calls.   I ask myself is that the person I want to go under contract for 6 month and telling me that im overpriced and that’s why we don’t have any activity on the property? After being in Real Estate I discovered alot of the realtors i ran into cant negotiate!  They counter at a price or offer an unrealistic low offer and instead of compromising and getting a deal together they save face and say this is it or we will walk they never want to admit they made a mistake or their wrong.    I said to myself if I ever became a Realtor id make a big change in the way id handle your single largest investment.  The most important thing is when that phone rings I answer it.  If i cant, ill try to return the call within 10 minutes.  Second, if a property doesn’t get showings i keep on marketing and tweaking the ad to get the most interest.  Third i set up a saved search to keep an eye on the competition and make sure ours has the advantage either in listing quality or value for the money.   If a listing doesn’t sell for some reason it bugs me and i strive for success over failure.


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